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  • 1992: born in Wuhan, China
  • 1999: first train ride, started attending Guanghua primary school
  • 2001: travelled out of home province of Hubei for the first time to Beijing
  • 2005: started learning to play the piano
  • 2011: moved to Singapore for college
  • 2013: participated in a summer exchange program in California
  • 2015: interned at Rolls Royce
  • 2016: moved to San Diego for grad school
  • 2017: interned at Mitek Systems as a software engineer
  • 2018: started first full time job at Whitepages, started learning to play the violin
  • 2019: started working at Amazon, first orchestral performance with Amazon Symphony Orchestra
  • 2020: started to get into cooking and baking
  • 2021: started trying to pick up reading and writing again
  • 2022: performed a solo violin piece to the public for the first time
  • 2023: adopted a cat named Henry
  • 2024: became a permanent resident of the U.S