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2024 April Update

Updated on: 2024-04-11

Books I’m reading #

  1. The Art of Impossible
  2. Hidden Potential

Other things I’ve been doing #

  1. I stepped aside from my day job on April 1, the reasons of which I will share at a later time
  2. I’ve been going to the gym regularly since Feburary, here are some things I’ve noticed:
    1. The 5 minutes before I finally decide to put on shoes and stepping out to the gym are the tougher than the actual training at the gym
    2. If Apple Watch measurement is to be believed, I observed a roughly 7% improvement in VO2 max over the past 2 months
    3. I did not alter my diet. My craving for sweet and fatty food actually subsided
    4. My body weight actually increased a little probably due to the supplementation of creatine. Yet, my clothes are fitting better. Two weeks ago, I comfortably wore a shirt that I haven’t been able to fit in for 5 years.
  3. Workout I have been doing most often:
    1. Rowing is my primary choice for cardiovascular workout
    2. Lowerbody strength training through squat and deadlift
    3. Outdoor uphill walks in the morning or after dinner