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2023 December update

Updated on: 2024-01-05

Books I finished reading #

  1. The War of Art
  2. Just Keep Buying

Books I’m reading #

  1. The Art of Impossible
  2. Learn like a Pro
  3. The Fabric of Reality

Other things I’ve been doing #

  1. Music I’m practicing
    1. Mozart Violin Concerto no.3 in G major, first movement, quarter = 92
    2. D major scales, trying to get to 8 notes/beat, 60 beats/minute
    3. Svecik op.8, no.13 shifting exercise
    4. Mazas Etude Speciale, no. 12
  2. I visited family in China for 3 weeks from mid November to early December, mostly around Wuhan and Shenzhen areas
  3. I’ve been doing yoga for 30 minute every day for the past week and planning to keep going
  4. I’m learning the Kotlin programming language
  5. I’ve been meditating for 10-15 minutes each day for over a week