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Update: 2023-05-14


Here is a list of things happening this week: #

  • I will perform the first two movements of the Leclair’s sonata for 2 violins, op.3 No 6 at Amazon Chamber Music Recital on May 18
  • I’m reading A Guid to the Good Life by William B.Irvine
  • I’m aiming to start publishing regularly every 2 weeks on Saturday night

Here is a list of things happened last week: #

  • I attended a sight reading party organized by Seattle Chamber Music Society on May 9. I got to play some really fine and rare old violins brought over by Joe Bein, as well as playing some chamber music with soloist James Ehnes, the Isidore Quartet and other musicians in the Seattle area. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Reading a Schubert quartet with James
    Trying a G.B Guadagnini violin from 1783 with James and Noah
    Reading Bach’s Brandenburg with James Ehnes and Isidore quartet
  • I performed Beethoven’s Romance No.2 in F major on May 13 at Greenwood violin studio. My parents also dialed in via FaceTime for the performance.