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The War of Art

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Read in December 2023

1.0 Resistance #

  • It is what separates the life we live and the the unlived life within us
  • It is the enemy to: any act that rejects immediate gratification in favor of long-term growth, health or integrity
  • Capitalistic consumerism preys on our Resistance
  • In stoic terms: it prevents us from doing what we are designed to do

1.1 Procrastination #

  • Procrastination is the most common form of Resistance
  • It can become a habit: don’t put off our lives until our deathbed
  • We can change our life at this very moment and only at this very moment

1.2 Abuse #

  • Abuse of substance, self and others or anything that provides immediate gratification is a form of Resistance, i.e. sex, masturbation, video games, drugs, phones, etc.

1.3 Self-dramatization and trouble #

  • Troubling seeking is a faux form of seeking fame

1.4 Criticizing others #

  • Resistance makes us criticize others for living their authentic selfs while we are not
  • Be very careful rendering judgement over others

1.5 Rationalization #

  • Rationalization is Resistance’s most powerful ally
  • A lot of rationalizations are true, but they don’t have become obstacles unless we let them

1.6 Caving in to Resistance #

  • We feel bored
  • We are restless
  • We can’t get satisfied
  • We feel an indescribable guilt
  • We self loathe

Success, like happiness, comes as a by-product of work. Concentrate on the work and allows the rewards to come or not come, whatever they like

2.0 Overcoming Resistance #

Know the difference between urgent and important. Do the important first.

2.1 Becoming Pro #

  1. Show up every day
  2. Show up no matter what
  3. Committed over the long haul
  4. Stakes are high and real

    Life is not dress rehearsal, this is it.

  5. Accept remuneration of our labor
  6. Don’t over identify with our job
  7. Master the technique of our job
  8. Have a sense of humor about the job
  9. Be ready to receive praises and blames for our job

    Nothing is as empowering as real world validations, even if it’s for failures

2.2 Live like a Pro #

  1. Be patient: recognize that real work is accomplished over the long haul
  2. Put your house in order: messy environment leads to messy mind. Keep things in order to allow creativity the room to grow
  3. Act in the face of fear: fear recedes only in actions
  4. No excuses: no matter how plausible the pretext
  5. Don’t show off: let the work speak itself
  6. Master the technique: don’t allow technical deficiency hinder inspiration
  7. Ask for help: don’t hesitate asking for it
  8. Don’t take successes and failures personally: treat your work objectively and coldly
  9. Endure adversity: it is bound to happen, don’t take it personally
  10. Recognize your limitations: we can’t be pro for everything
  11. You, Inc: treat yourself like an enterprise

We make up our minds to view ourselves as pros, and we do it. Simple as that.

Act as if what you do makes difference, it does.